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“Absolutely love this product””Where have you been all my life?” – a Longchamp bag owner “Exceptional design!” – a LV Speedy 35 owner “I love it! The first purse organizer that doesn’t crumple” The Best Handbag Organizer on the Market – Organize, protect, switch and show off your purse with ease – Colors won’t transfer to your bag’s interior lining – Felt material prevents this organizer from moving around or flipping upside down inside your handbag – Soft material safe for electronics – Makes it easier to switch between purses and often – Multiple pockets allow quick access to items – Lightweight and versatile How to choose the right size organizer? These questions will guide you: 1. What size handbag do you most often use? 2. Which bags do you use most often? i.e. If you frequently switch between a handbag (for nights and weekends), a backpack (for work) and a gym bag, then use the smallest bag as a guideline to buy the right organizer. 3. Measure the interior length, width and height of your handbag with a measuring tape. Compare them to the dimensions below. Please allow 1″ clearance on all sides and height. 4. Is the opening of your handbag large enough to insert the organizer? Medium Organizer – Overall dimensions: 9″L x 3.5″W x 7″H – 4 interior pockets: 3.5″W x 4″H – 4 exterior pockets: 5″W x 4″H Large Organizer – Overall Dimensions: 11″L x 3.5″W x 7″H – 5 interior pockets: 3 are 5″W x 4″H, 1 is 3″W x 4″H, 1 is 2.25″W x 4″H – 4 exterior pockets: 2 are 5.25″W x 3.75″H, 2 are 5.25″W x 3.75″H x 1″D Manufacturing: – High quality felt – Well-crafted – Designed smartly to help you turn chaos into order 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Click the add to cart button above to order yours now and consider buying another one for your best friend!THERE IS NO MAGIC WAND for a messy handbag but here’s the next best thing. This purse organizer has a place for everything you’re carrying. The pockets hold small accessories. The center compartment is for larger items, such as sunglasses case and wallet. Everything stays where you put them neat and tidy, for quick and easy access. You’ve just reduced your stress levels.
BE CONFIDENT that you have everything you need with you and that you’ll be on time. With the help of this liner, you will never be late for an appointment or the kids’ sports practice because you just can’t find your car keys. With all that extra time, why not lie down on the sofa and put your feet up for a few minutes. You deserve it.
ENJOY PEACE AND QUIET in your handbag. No cellphones ringing endlessly or shaking your purse to check if the house keys are in there. All your things now know their place and don’t have to fight for your attention every time you open your handbag. If only it were this easy with the kids.
FEEL SUPPORTED, just like your handbag is. This handbag organizer is made of high quality felt and doubles as a structure shaper for your handbag. Everybody needs someone they can lean on.
SIMPLY PUT SOLUTIONS for you. Click on our brand name at the top of the listing to find more sizes and other organizing products for your handbag. This is your first step to eliminating unnecessary stress from your life.