Big-Daddy Light Duty Work Trucks Series Toyota Authentic ForkLift With Load Included, Imagination Taken To The Next Level

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Let your kid take his imagination to a new level with this Big-Daddy Authentic ForkLift your kid will get a first Hand tour and understanding of the real world of logistics while arranging his parcels out for delivery in a timely fashion while being careful not to tip the load. This toy Was Designed for kids just above 36 Months Old So lets start the engines and get our little Developing brains to work In the Real (make-belive) World Use this forklift to put loads up high! The mast on this unit has two stages for stacking to great heights, plus a pitch control for the mast, adjustable forks, a tow coupling and two included Parcels.Just like the real thing with detailed finish, Let you kid understand the real world of logistics with his own Big-Daddy Fork lift
Offers children realistic active playing fun
Sturdy construction and built to last
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Ability to carry and transport sand and other materials for pretend play