Road Rippers CAT Mini Machine Free-Wheeling Construction Playtime Truck Kit (12 Pack: 4 x Dump Trucks, 2 x Wheel Loaders, 2 x Excavator, 2 x Bulldozers, 2 x Backhoes)

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If you’re on the road with your child or planning for a construction themed birthday party, these Road Rippers CAT trucks are perfect. This 12 pack can be used as a collection of party favors for your guest, or unique cake toppers that are sure to impress your friends and family. 4 dump trucks and 2 of each of the rest of the major trucks from the Road Rippers collection are here, including the bulldozer, excavator, wheel loader, and backhoe. Each truck is outfitted with two axles of working wheels and a unique set of movable parts. Their compact design is perfect for bringing a bunch of these on-the-go by yourself or a child. Their sturdy plastic holds up to children’s play, too. With the Road Rippers CAT trucks, the only limit to fun is your imagination.DUMP TRUCKS: 4 dump trucks are included, each with two axles and fully functioning dumping trays
BULLDOZERS: 2 bulldozers are included, with simulated treads and liftable demolition arm
WHEEL LOADERS: 2 free wheeling loaders have lifting arms, so you can carry sand and drop it into the dump truck
EXCAVATORS: 2 excavators with double jointed digging arms are included. The body also swivels on top of its two axles for realism
BACKHOES: 2 Backhoes with a rear digging arm and front scooper, both functionable